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Turbomachinery (TM) operational and maintenance problems are generally caused by combined errors in design and praxis. Additionally, it has associated a high technological content, thus requiring advanced analyses. Its economical impact is immense.

Ideally, the ocurrence of such problems can be avoided by means of a mechanical audit for the key mechanical components as bearings, couplings, seals and impellers during the design stage.

On the other hand, some remanufactured or revamped units, or units with new gas conditions, might need a sequenced and organized follow up and data acquisition in order to perform a full rotordynamic audit. Dynamic signals as noise, pulsation and vibration are of special interest.

Solving of dynamic problems is a challenging task that may require the concurrence of the operator, the OEM, and the consultant. Within this scenario, the operator takes critical decisions without coverage for profit loss.

This is the reason because at least two opinions should coincide. And it is not easy OEM and operator to coincide. Here is where the consultant becomes a key factor. In the event the operator demonstrates the OEM, design is the root cause of the problem, then the OEM will fix his machine, but will not deal with plant shutdown.

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