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  Dynamic Stability Analysis

The Project Manager rotor-bearing system might or might not be suitable to withstand some excitation sources, as blade-passing, oil whirl, misalignment, or first mode excitation. In fact, some portions of the rotor can become more excitables than others. Thus, the location (along the rotor) of the excitation source can have an impact over the overall rotor response.

In general, the stabilty concepts are difficult to handle. Every researcher has his/her own approach. International standards do not deal with methodology for stability analyses.

Here you can see why this machine is suitable for running only up to 5000 rpm. Above it, blade passign frequency becomes a problem.

Here you can see a comparison between various bearing options. 5 pad is the existing bearing. The choice between 4 pad and 6 pad bearing to retrofit this machine with recurrent bearing failures looks difficult. Would you install the 4 pad bearing design in this machine ?.

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