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Turbodina C.A.

  Reciprocating Compressor Services
  • World Class Engineering Innovations

  • Modeling and simulation techniques for both of the compressor side and driver side

  • Optimization of cylinders, valves & electronic analyzer utilization.

In the field of reciprocating compressor stations, in production fields, we have solutions for those operators with relocated or reconfigured units (integral and separable) exhibiting low performance or reliability.

Also, if your gas conditions have changed, Turbodina can help you to optimize your compressor unit using a system approach comprising obsolescence, performance and design.

We develop ways to manage your compressor fleet from your office desk. Cylinder by cylinder, machine by machine, both driver and driven side are carefully evaluated.

Most of our engineering tools are presented in graphic form using a wide range of parameters, thus you need us only once for every piece of equipment.

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