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Turbodina provides engineering services for the diagnostic, remedy and optimization of compressors and pumps in the energy industry.

We serve both reciprocating equipment and turbomachinery.

In the turbomachinery field, we provide specialized technical services to solve operational and maintenance problems which have high technological content, thus requiring advanced analyses, such items as:


-Professional vibration analyses


-Rotordynamic audits

-Performance enhancement

-Special analyses

-Fabrication of components and tools

With regards to reciprocating compressors, Turbodina developed his own technology which consists in:

-Multistage performance simulator

-Valve malfunctioning simulator

-Leakage detection

-Rod load simulator

-Obsolescence evaluation

We perform other special analyses jointly with US firms.

Turbodina is the sole provider of courses and workshops on reciprocating compressor affairs in Orlando area.

Oil & Gas
Field Operators
Are Our Target
However, some consulting firms, hydrocarbon processors and power stations use our services as well.

Please, feel free to contact them for references.

-TRI Transmission & Bearing Corp. USA

-PDVSA San Tomé

-Lasmo Venezuela

-Ingeniería Veco de Venezuela (Vecoven)

-Astra Produccion Petrolera

-Flowtronex Int'l

-Phoenix Internacional

-Sociedad Williams Enbridge & Co. (SWEC)

-Repsol - YPF

-Wilpro Energy Services

-PDVSA Anaco



Since 1998 Turbodina has established a series of agreements with highlighted organizations in both the reciprocating and turbomachinery world.

Such agreements allow us to take complete unit responsability from both the reliability & efficiency perspectives.


-TRI Transmission & Bearing Corporation, a Division of Turbo Research Inc., Pennsylvania, for the repair and fabrication of special purpose turbocomponents with emphasis in bearings, turbogears and oil systems.

-MLB Engineers, Texas, for the crankshaft inertial balancing and pulsation analyses.

-Labs, Virginia, for the usage of key rotordynamic codes.

-Dynalco, Florida, for the marketing of products and courses on reciprocating machinery analyses using electronic analyzers and computer softwares.

-An agreement with PDVSA CIED for the distribution of Turbodina courses among PDVSA districts is currently in the definition stage.

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