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Turbodina C.A.

  Fundamentals of Reciprocating Compressors

This course represents the first of a series of two covering the most important topics of the reciprocating compression technology.(See “Diagnostic And Optimization Of Reciprocating Compressors”)

Course forwarded to:

Supervisors, engineers and qualified technicians in reciprocating compressors operations/maintenance in the oil and gas industries in production, refining and petrochemical areas

Objectives of the Course

To familiarize engineers and specialized technicians with the technology of reciprocating compression, in a sequential and complete way.

To motivate the operating personnel to emphasize in those aspects of plant’s infrastructure related with their function.

To prepare the personnel for the second course “Diagnostic and Optimization of Reciprocating Compressors”, where performance curves and mechanical limit maps are extensively used.

Abilities and skills the attendant develops:

- To identify the most likely cause for failures

- To identify areas susceptible to improvements

- To propose solutions to management, on repetitive problems

- To control operational emergencies, in the absence of management

- To select the appropriate bibliography for addressing at their own investigations on topics of general interest

- To effectively communicate with supervisors, using the appropriate terminology

- To diminish the probabilities of errors in the day by day operations

Economic Benefits

- Increasing Productivity for the operating personnel (more motivation and control)

- Increasing productivity for the supervisors (avoiding going to the field to take decisions)

- Diminishing probabilities of failures due to human errors

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